Our Mission

TeCanal is a people-focused, student-founded nonprofit organization tackling the issues of poor STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education and lack of access to technology in low-income communities. As its name suggests, Te(ch)Canal aims to be a “canal”, or link, between technology and the communities that will benefit from it, connecting youth in all communities together in pursuit of a unified goal: STEM education for all.

As society becomes more heavily technologically dependent, the importance of technology education grows. Basic STEM education is essential for success in the modern world for future generations. Unfortunately, many people in low-income or under-served areas do not have easy access to computers and the Internet. The homeless shelters, public libraries, faith-based centers, and schools that serve them, in many cases, lack up-to-date computers that can serve them. In cities like Baltimore, schools are underfunded and teachers are overworked. This leads to several problems, and many kids fall under the cracks. Without one-on-one attention, students can quickly fall behind in STEM subjects. TeCanal works to provide opportunities to access STEM education and technological resources to underprivileged persons in Maryland for success in the future.

In 2015, The United States ranked 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science.

- Pew Research Center

What We Do

Technology Resources

TeCanal receives donations of technology equipment such as computers, and distributes them to those who need it most. We believe access to technology is a fundamental need in our modern world, which is why we bring computers to every outreach, giving the students we work with a chance to learn how to interact in a technological environment.


We aim to spark interest in STEM through our fun and engaging curriculum. We want our students to be excited and ready for the new weekly challenges we present them with. We hope to motivate them to explore careers and opportunities in the rapidly-expanding world of technology.

STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These are the disciplines of the future. It is our mission to bring education in these areas to our students through our diverse curriculum. Scratch, Snap Circuits, books, engineering toys, Sonic Pi, Hummingbirds, and our own TeCanal created games are just some of the tools at our disposal.

Current Outreach