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TeCanal is a people-focused, student-founded nonprofit organization tackling the issues of poor STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education and lack of access to technology in low-income communities. As its name suggests, Te(ch)Canal aims to be a “canal”, or link, between technology and the communities that will benefit from it, connecting youth in all communities together in pursuit of a unified goal:
STEM education for all.

Technology Resources

TeCanal receives donations of technology equipment such as computers, and distributes them to those who need it most. We believe access to technology is a fundamental need in our modern world, which is why we bring computers to every outreach, giving the students we work with a chance to learn how to interact in a technological environment.


We aim to spark interest in STEM through our fun and engaging curriculum. We want our students to be excited and ready for the new weekly challenges we present them with. We hope to motivate them to explore careers and opportunities in the rapidly-expanding world of technology.

STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These are the disciplines of the future. It is our mission to bring education in these areas to our students through our diverse curriculum. Scratch, Snap Circuits, books, engineering toys, Sonic Pi, Hummingbirds, and our own TeCanal created games are just some of the tools at our disposal.


One day, while living in the Korean countryside without access to computers or the internet, seven-year-old Handa Chun received his first computer. That coffee-stained Windows 95 computer unveiled a new world of possibilities for Handa. It brought him joy that sparked his passion for technology.

Eleven years later, as a high school student in Maryland, Handa wanted to bring that same joy to underprivileged children in Baltimore and empower them. In May 2015, Handa approached co-founders Dhivyan Karunakaran, Robert Jett, and Han Seung Chun to propose his idea of creating a nonprofit organization that would bring technology and STEM education to children who lack access to them. The four founders of TeCanal structured the organization and developed a plan for TeCanal’s growth.

In October 2015, TeCanal’s first STEM outreach program began at the Mattie B. Uzzle Outreach Center in Baltimore, MD. TeCanal’s second STEM outreach program began in May 2016 at the Immigration Outreach Service Center in Baltimore. Its third outreach program in Baltimore, which focuses on a combination of STEM education and art education, began in July 2017 as a partnership between TeCanal and a nonprofit organization called Creative Alliance. Each summer, TeCanal runs a class that is part of a summer camp called EK2K for refugee children living in Baltimore County, Maryland. Today, TeCanal consists of its board of directors, executive officers, collegiate board of committees, and high school student volunteers who serve over seventy children every year.

Current Outreach

Mattie B. Uzzle Outreach Center
At this outreach center, located on North Chester Street in Baltimore, TeCanal partners with a nonprofit organization called Baltimore Inner-City Mission (BIM). Every Friday, TeCanal’s STEM outreach program at Mattie B. Uzzle Outreach Center, which complements the academic and religious education program run by BIM, teaches a wide variety of STEM topics to children from one of the poorest areas in Baltimore.

Immigration Outreach Service Center (IOSC)
Located at 5302 Harford Road in Baltimore, IOSC runs a tutoring program that provides academic assistance to children from immigrant families. Every Saturday, TeCanal runs a class complementing this tutoring program. The class teaches computer science using Scratch or Python.

Creative Alliance / Tench Tilghman
TeCanal is working with Creative Alliance at the Tench Tilghman Elementary/Middle School. This is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education program. The ability to combine technology with art is a highly valuable skill in the ever-changing job market.

English Kids-To-Kids: Bridging Cultures (EK2K:BC)
EK2KBC is a summer camp for refugees, for which TeCanal provides computers to teach Computer Science, as well as volunteers to help administer STEM programming.


All donations are tax-deductible!