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TeCanal is a community-based, student-founded nonprofit organization tackling the issue of poor STEM education that is prevalent in many Baltimore communities. As the name suggests, Te(ch)Canal aims to be a “canal”, or link between technology and the communities that will benefit from it.

TeCanal was instituted for the purpose of promoting STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and making the resources for such education more readily available to all communities. Since its founding, TeCanal has hosted various outreaches and has donated useful technology, including computers, keyboards, mice, and laptops, to many community sites.

We recognize that the rapidly-evolving modern world, coupled with the present information revolution, necessitates a practical understanding of topics related to STEM; thus, TeCanal seeks to implement measures that ensure everyone is given the opportunity to be educationally and occupationally competitive in this technologically-oriented society. We believe that all, regardless of social status, location or financial situation, should have equal accessibility to necessary resources.

Due to its nature as a community-oriented organization, TeCanal is largely dependent on the involvements of student volunteers and businesses from within the community. TeCanal seeks donations, primarily from the general community, to fund the purchase and distribution of computers and peripherals to organizations that demonstrate a need for these tools. At the end of the day, TeCanal is an organization created for and run by students. It is a method of connecting the youths in all communities together, in pursuit of a unified goal: STEM education for all.

Board of Directors

Handa Chun


Robert Jett
Member of the Board


Executive Officers

Anuj Apte
Chief Executive Officer


Anupama Phatak
Chief Operating Officer


Rees Draminski
Chief Technology Officer


Lalitha Madduri
Chief Financial Officer


Valeria Arriola
Chief Human Resources Officer


Divya Gupta
Chief Communications Officer


Board of Advisors

Our Part

Technology Resources

We collect and donate computer equipment in order to donate it to those in need. We bring laptops and various other equipment to our outreaches in order to improve students' experiences with the vital technology that they usually do not have access to.

Technology Education

We organize our unique curriculum into three distinct paths: Math, Engineering, and Code. We dedicate knowledgeable volunteers to guide students in each path, ensuring that they learn skills at their own pace, be it while making circuits, building bridges, or programming games on Scratch.


We aim to make the students interested in the STEM field through our activities, so they are excited and ready for the new weekly challenges we present them with. We hope to motivate them to explore careers and opportunities in the rapidly-expanding world of technology.

Current Outreach

Mattie B. Uzzle Outreach Center: At the outreach center located on North Chester Street in Baltimore, a pastor runs a nonprofit Baltimore Inner-City Mission (BIM). He brings kids in for a session every Friday in which we do 15 mins of math tutoring and practice, and 45 mins of some kind of STEM Activity.

Immigration Outreach Service Center (IOSC): Located on Loch Raven Boulevard in Baltimore, IOSC runs a tutoring program. For an hour every Saturday, we teach them Computer Science using Scratch or Python.

Village Learning Place (VLP): At the Village Learning Place library, we go every Friday to teach kids from the Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School about STEM and STEM careers.

English Kids-To-Kids: Bridging Cultures (EK2K:BC): EK2KBC is summer camp for refugees, in which TeCanal provides computers to teach Computer Science, as well as volunteers to help administer STEM programming.

Creative Alliance: We are working with Creative Alliance with their Open Minds program to teach teens HTML and how to make interactive sculptures with robotics.

Computers For Those In Need

As partners with Phoenix Computers, we solicit donations of old technology from businesses, then give the computers to them to refurbish and distribute to those in need. The numbers below do not reflect the amount of monitors, keyboards, or other computer equipment we donate.


computers given to people in need.


computers given to non-profit organizations.

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